Period Americana has launched a publishing arm to bring many of the historic manuscripts, diaries and journals to a broader range of readers. Clicking on an image will take you to a third party site that will allow you download the selected publication.

Fighting from Below: Diary of a WW1 submariner aboard HMS E53


 Edited by Kenneth J. Olson, this is a first hand account of a Royal Navy submariner who served aboard a British submarine in World War 1. Douglas Adams shares his experience of U-boat encounters, evading torpedoes, review by the King, collisions with mines, and hiding from destroyers. 

The Irish Rebellion of 1798, as told by an Eyewitness


Edited by Kenneth J. Olson, this eyewitness account of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 was written in 1856 and was deemed lost for more than 150 years.. It tells the story of the Caldwell's, famed for leading the rebellion and then being banished from Ireland forever, through the memories of Flora Caldwell, a mere girl during the bloodshed and pillaging. The author is Flora's nephew, famed Baltimore artist Francis Blackwell Mayer. 

Aunt Flora Remembers the Irish Rebellion of 1798


By Kenneth J. Olson, published in the Journal of the American Revolution, September 27, 2018. Recounts the Irish Rebellion as told to noted author Francis Blackwell Mayer.