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Diary of a British Submariner during WW1: torpedoes, U boats and the King!

Evading torpedoes, chasing U boats, feeling earthquake-like vibrations of exploding mines. 

British submariner Douglas Adams served on HMS E53. His primary duty was as a telegraphist, or radio operator. He commences 1918 with an onboard visit by Rudyard Kipling who writes his poem, The Trade, in the wireless log. He continues detailing the daily events if the war writing about Zeppelins overhead, a fleet of Hun destroyers, a visit by King George V, colliding with mines, hunting U boats, exploding torpedoes and a trip across the Atlantic to the Canadian coast on a secret mission.

This fascinating account will lead you through the depths of the English Channel, Atlantic Ocean, the Straits of Dover and other waters. You will feel his anticipation of going to sea, queasiness of choppy seas, fearlessness of facing German U boats and destroyers, and, above all, his patriotism of protecting England.

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Period Americana was founded by Kenneth J. Olson. Since the early 1980s, he has placed some of America's finest historical artifacts into the collections of individuals, local historical societies, museums and institutions. Today, Period Americana and its team of relic hunters comb the barns and attics of America to rescue artifacts, relics, letters, diaries and photographs that document America's rich history.

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Period Americana offers original documents, manuscripts, letters, diaries, photographs, artifacts and relics from the 1600s through the early 20th Century.

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Reading a Civil War diary brings one right into the action. Raising a Revolutionary War sword that defended our liberty creates a sense of awe. Holding in your hands a letter once held in the hands of George Washington is humbling. Daguerreotypes offer a rare glimpse at those alive more than 150 years ago. 

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