Period Americana's House Collection

Revolutionary War Ribbons


Acton Minute Man Solomon Smith fought at the Battle of Concord Bridge on the first day of the war and then marched to Bunker Hill to turn back the British. These ribbons were awarded to him in 1825/26 on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the war.

John Hancock's copy of George Washington's 1775 letters to Gage


In 1775 George Washington and Thomas Gage exchange a series of five letters concerning treatment of prisoners of war. These manuscript copies are Hancock's own, written in his hand.

1810 22K gold cameo, Captain Alexander Wadsworth, Duxbury


Captain Alexander Wadsworth of Duxbury, Massachusetts, 22K gold portrait cameo, 1810.

Extracts from Continental Congress, 1774


Publication of the Continental Congress, Philadelphia, September 5, 1774. Contains the Bill of Rights, a List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, the Association, an address to the people of Great Britin, a memorial to the inhabitants of the British-American Colonies, and an address to the inhabitants of Quebec. Published by order of the Congress. 

1945 Battle of Okinawa diary


WW2 manuscript diary of Marine Private C. J. Cushing regarding his first hand battlefront experience at the Battle of Okinawa. The diary covers roughly a two year period with over 500 entries detailing his training, deployment, landing and battle experience at Okinawa. 

1800 George Washington eulogy


Printed document entitled Poem Sacred to the Memory of George Washington by Richard Alsop, 1800. Sewn-bound, this issue is complete with period writing on wrappers.

Irish Rebellion 1798 previously unknown manuscript


In 1854, famed Baltimore artist Francis Blackwell Mayer interviewed his Aunt Flora who experienced the Irish Rebellion as a young women. This manuscript, previously unpublished, is now available through Period Americana.

Revolutionary War diary of General George Godfrey


Manuscript diary of Brigadier General George Godfrey, Revolutionary War diary dated 1779 featuring several entries regarding Massachusetts politics of the time including the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention. Along with two pre-Colonial assessors documents belonging to Godfrey who served as a tax collector.

Piece of Valley Forge Monument


Piece of the Valley Forge Monument decorated on the reverse with a WW1 era painting of soldiers.

Button that made the Liberty Bell


A sleeve button owned and worn by Lt. Joseph Cresap about 1780, its mate being donated to cast the New Liberty Bell. 

Revolutionary War medical diary


Manuscript diary of Dr. Robert Wickes, Junior, a member of the Rhode Island Sons of Liberty and active participant in the Gaspee Affair.

Church designer 1901 diary


European travel diary of famed church architect Edward T. P. Graham (1872–1964) circa 1901.